As part of our continued expansion throughout the East Coast, our management team has developed and implemented a comprehensive ‘Safety Management Plan’ that covers all Modcol’s services. The basics of our plan are then tailored to the specific needs of each project and incorporates safety policies, training, document control, first aid & accident procedures and site safety rules & regulations.


We also have a dedicated Workplace Health and Safety (OH&S) coordinator on staff to ensure not only the safety of our own employees but any site visitors or area where a Modcol employee is working.




Industrial Relations


We pride ourselves on providing a stable workplace and work site environments in which our employees are comfortable, feel happy and in turn can produce their best work. As part of our internal human resources policies we like to ensure that if any of our staff have an issue, that they can reach out to any member of our management team to find an appropriate resolution. It is our view that this practice ensures the issue is handled prior to it becoming a larger and more complex problem.




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