Target DC

Moorebank Intermodal Logistics Precinct - NSW

The Target Distribution Centre is located at Qube’s Moorebank Intermodal Logistics Precinct. The Logistics precinct is estimated to cost 1.9Billion dollars once complete. The new facility provides more than 37, 000m2 of space, features an separate cool room within the warehouse with full-height Kingspan insulated wall cladding, an automated sortation area, high level racking for storage & connects to the logistics trainline via an internal road. This road will service the state of the art Kalmar machines that will deliver containers straight from the train line to the Target distribution centre for sorting. This process sis completely automated.


Efficiency was the number one priority for Target in the warehouse, detailed pre-planning of the electrical services and close cooperation and coordination with all parties, was critical to achieving the final, compliant design for their operations.


This sustainable design also features a sensor-driven, low-energy smart LED lighting system throughout the warehouse which is connected directly to the buildings SCADA system.


The Target roof also supports a massive 3MW Solar PV System, connected directly into the HY Embedded network. Modcol was engaged to design and install this system, with the works being undertaken whilst in the construction phase of the build.

As this PV system feeds back into the precincts high voltage embedded network, if the client is not consuming this energy from their warehouse roof, it can be distributed to other facilities on the precinct which eliminates any power being lost that is produced from the system.

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