SIGMA Healthcare

Kemps Creek, NSW

One of the leading names in health care, SIGMA Healthcare recently Australia relocated its NSW headquarters to a new $38.2 million facility at Kemps Creek in May, 2019, to provide the expanded facilities it required to meet the needs of a growing market.


The new facility provides more than 40, 000m2 of space, features an air-conditioned warehouse with full-height Kingspan insulated external wall cladding. Inside the space is temperature-controlled, critical to meet the stringent requirements for storage of pharmaceutical products. For products with even more specialised requirements, a custom-designed vault is available to store high-value pharmaceutical products securely.


Efficiency was the number one priority for SIGMA, and a Knapp OSR Automated Racking System and complementary Knapp Convey Systems in the warehouse have significantly increased the company’s distribution capabilities and lifted overall output by providing a completely automated, end-to-end system.


Detailed pre-planning of the electrical services and close cooperation and coordination with the automation contractor, was critical to achieving the final, compliant design for these operations.


Its sustainable design also features a sensor-driven, low-energy smart LED lighting system throughout the warehouse.


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