We specialise in commercial & industrial roof top mounted solar system’s. Our in house CEC accredited design team have a thorough knowledge of the guidelines and Australian standards to ensure you are provided with the best turnkey solution.

Modcol has well built ties with a close group of suppliers who consistently go above & beyond to ensure we have all the necessary equipment on hand at the required time. We have an impressive portfolio of medium to large scale grid connect roof mounted systems, ranging from 100kW to 3MW utilising only the best reputable products on the market.


We have the required experience to deal with the relevant supply authorities in each respective area and a thorough understanding of embedded network generation systems for HV customers.

Whilst grid connect string inverters are commonly used for medium to large scale solar systems, we are also experienced in implementing centralised inverter power plants that take the PV generated DC supply to High Voltage AC connecting into embedded networks with multiple systems being connected on estates.


Our specialised industry experience that ties in with our electrical design and subcontracting works, ensures all PV systems are appropriately monitored through market leading user friendly software or are directly interfaced to the existing SCADA system. We pride ourselves on our problem solving capabilities, ensuring no project is too complex.












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