Back Up Generation Systems


We offer a wide range of off the shelf or customized back-up generator systems for all load and spatial requirements and cater for all budgets. Whether you want to back up your entire site or only partially, we have the in house experts on hand to design, build and install a turnkey solution fit for any size installation. We offer an extensive range of engine/ alternator combinations with multiple configurations such as open sets housed within dedicated rooms, enclosed sets with varying levels of sound attenuation or fully enclosed and containerized units, with the option of stacking for space efficiency. Fuel refill options include built in day tanks, extended day tanks, separate auxiliary tanks with 20,000+ litres of storage or underground tanks, all with a full range of plumbing and fill point choices.


We use industry leading generator controllers, which may be customized to suit your needs including paralleling of generators for improved efficiency, low or high level pick up points which can be used (in BMS/ EMS) for notifications such as engine start, engine hours high or low level fuel, water or oil pressure amongst many other things. We also design the smarts in house to provide closed circuit transition back to mains (after the event of power failure) to minimize the impact suffered from your business and sensitive equipment. If you only require a small amount of back-up power to support specific power loads, we can help by designing load shedding into main switch boards or distribution boards to keep your essential business equipment running during times of a grid outage.


Speak to our team about your needs for a solution that works for you.



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